Migraine Headaches

We have had some very interesting cases of migraines over the last four months. A number of patients have come in with constant headaches, migrainous at times with smaller headaches between the migraines. With these patients, we have seen remarkable results combining traditional chiropractic care with vestibular therapy and vagal stimulation (using an inexpensive home TENS unit).

One young girl came to us from Columbus after being hospitalized in Nationwide Children’s Hospital for two weeks due to headaches. She had had constant headaches for four years with a number of hospitalizations and medical interventions, none of which provided any relief. She had been missing extensive amounts of school over the prior three years. She came to us because of our certification in functional neurology. On examination, she had a loss of normal movement in the upper neck with extreme sensitivity to touch in that area, spasm and tension in her neck muscles, instability on computerized balance testing (modified CTSIB), dilated pupils, poor eye tracking, and sensitivity to light and sound. We treated her for six weeks and after the first week, for the first time in years, she was having periods with no headaches. After six weeks she was symptom-free and was dismissed from care. We used a multi-prong approach, addressing her problems with balance and neck function, as well as treating her central nervous system by stimulating the Vagus nerve.

Unfortunately, too often people with chronic headaches are treated with just one approach — medication, spinal manipulation, relaxation techniques, etc. — when what is needed is a multi-pronged approach to address all the issues simultaneously. By using this approach we are able to significantly improve patients’ the quality of life by decreasing and often actually eliminating their headache syndromes.

If you suffer from migraines or headaches, we encourage you to find out what can be done. After one initial visit, we can usually give you an accurate idea of what you can expect with our approach. If you would like to talk with a doctor before you schedule an appointment, just call us at Dixie Chiropractic in Dayton Ohio. Our phone number is 937-643-0893

If you want to learn more about migraines on your own, I would recommend using the following terms for a web search. They should give you an idea about the different mechanisms of migraine headaches.
1) Vagus nerve migraine
2) Superior salivatory nucleus migraines
3) Cervical spine migraines
4) Vestibular system migraines

David Heuser, D.C.; DABCN


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