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Back and Hip Pain: The Sacroiliac Joint

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One of the most frequent but misunderstood causes of low back pain is failure of the sacroiliac joint to do its job. It is a major weight-bearing joint and transfers all the weight from the torso onto the leg. Every time you step, all of your weight passes through this joint. When the joint fails, it causes pain in the back, in the buttock, into the front of the hip, and down the thigh to the knee. Because of this

Dixie Chiropractic

Chronic Neck Pain (Part 3)

By- dixiechiropractic

The final ingredient in chronic neck pain is the motor systems. To explain this we first need to review the two major functions of muscle groups. The first is to stabilize joints and the second is to move joints. When either of these functions go wrong it can increase the likelihood of chronic pain. When we use our muscles to move at a joint, we have to fire other muscles to hold the joint together so that we don’t dislocate

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