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Chronic Neck Pain (Part 2)

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Last time we discussed two mechanisms of chronic recurrent neck pain that are associated with the brain stem and brain. Today I want to talk about the role of sensation and the muscles in causing recurrent neck problems. We are sensory-driven beings. What that means is that activation of our sensory systems causes activation of our muscle systems. In “Chronic Neck Pain (Part 1)” , we discussed the visual system’s and vestibular system’s effects on motor activity. Here in Part

Dixie Chiropractic

Chronic Neck Pain (Part 1)

By- dixiechiropractic

Do you find yourself having recurring pain in the neck and shoulders despite receiving Chiropractic care? Do you get periods of relief only to find out that as time goes on the pain, discomfort, and stiffness recurs? I want to discuss some of the issues that are in play here. My experience is that most chiropractors are competent, if not excellent, adjusters. However, the fact that symptoms recur despite appropriate manipulation indicates that there may be some other unresolved issues

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